Electronic Hearing Aid Dehumidifier Dry Box Kit

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The dehumidifier is essential for your hearing aids. It removes moisture, dries earwax, kills germs, deodorizes your hearing instruments, and keeps them at peak performance for years to come.

No. 1 reason for hearing aid repair – moisture!

Distortion, intermittency, and volume fluctuations are often the result of moisture build-up - not a hearing aid defect. Moisture can also cause corrosion of battery contacts, hinges, and other mechanical components over time, further hindering performance.

Placing the hearing aid in a dehumidifier dry kit container with the battery door open allows air to circulate through the hearing aid. The drying kit draws moisture out of the hearing aid. Nightly drying keeps the hearing aid in good condition.

Keep your hearing aid away from moisture. Moisture problems in your hearing aid can be caused by direct contact with water, excessive sweating, steam from a shower, high humidity, and bad weather such as rain, sleet, snow, and fog.

Ear Centric Rechargeable Hearing Aids Dehumidifier

Removes Moisture

Ear Centric Rechargeable Hearing Aids Dehumidifier

Accurate Temperature Control

Ear Centric Rechargeable Hearing Aids Dehumidifier

Dry Two Devices

Ear Centric Rechargeable Hearing Aids Dehumidifier

Freshening & Deodorizing

Ear Centric Rechargeable Hearing Aids Dehumidifier

Safe Circuit Protection

Ear Centric Rechargeable Hearing Aids Dehumidifier

Light Weight

In our survey, nearly 8 out of 10 dehumidifier users reported that their hearing aids sounded better after they started using it on a regular basis.

By removing damaging moisture from all parts of the hearing instrument – including microphones and speakers, processors, switches, and controls – our electronic dehumidifier enhances both clarity and consistency of sound.

By removing residual moisture, overnight dehumidification can bring the battery back into its normal operating environment. This could extend battery life by up to 20% in high humidity conditions.

Ear Centric Rechargeable Hearing Aids Dehumidifier

Unique temperature-controlled air dehumidification

A quiet fan gently circulates warm, dry, temperature-controlled air around the hearing instrument, clearing moisture from your hearing aids.

Relief from itchy ear

Itching, irritation and infections of the external ear canal can often be caused by trace amounts of bacteria. Our dehumidifier removes moisture, dries earwax, and kills germs.

I have had no problems with 'itching ear' since I started using it. Thanks! It was well worth the cost to relieve the itch! The difference in the look, feel and performance is truly amazing… Each morning I am able to put on my aids fresh, clean and free of that old monster – moisture.

W.M., Spartanburg, SC
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FeaturesElectronic Dehumidifier

   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Moisture, the number 1 enemy of your hearing aids

    Always protect your device from moisture.

    1. Never wear the device while in the shower, sauna, rain, or swimming.
    2. If the device becomes wet, remove battery and completely dry the device before using again. Do not use hair dryer!
    3. Remove device when applying hairspray, sunscreen, aftershave, or perfume.

    1. Store the device in a cool dry environment with battery door open. Consider a hearing aid humdifier!
    2. When not in use for extended periods of time, remove battery from device to prevent corrosion.

    Other tips:
    1. Handle with care. DO NOT DROP.
    2. Do not expose your device to high temperatures or extended exposure to direct sunlight.
    3. Remove the device when undergoing an X-ray, MRI scan, or other strong magnetic/frequency fields.
    4. Occupancy sensors may generate strong electromagnetic interference producing a rapid, loud chirping/clicking sound in your hearing device.

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