Rechargeable Hearing Aids Charging Docking Station ( Quadral-base Charger: One charger can charge 4 devices simultaneously)

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  • Magnetic charging docks
  • 3 hours fast charging time
  • Over charging protection
  • Moisture resistant & dust proof

Keep an extra charger on your desk at work, in your car, or in a travel bag to enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about losing power.

Includes: a charging dock, a USB cord, and a power adapter.

This stylish, intelligent charger is easy to operate. Just place the hearing aids on the charger - up to 4 devices (2 hearing aids + 2 rechargeable battery modules) at a time. The magnets ensure that your aids stay in place securely. With intelligent sensors, there is no risk of overcharging your hearing aids. The charging process stops automatically once the battery is full.

  • Magnetic charging dock: Strong Magnetism - it is not easy to fall off during charging, even in your car or airplane.
  • Moisture resistant: #1 reason for hearing aid repair is moisture.
  • Dust proof: Keep your sophisticated hearing devices free of dust.
  • 3 hours fast charging time
  • Over charging protection: Auto power off upon fully charged.
This charger can be used with the EarCentric Disco/DX models only.
Rechargeable Hearing Aids Charging Docking Station
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  • How do you detach the earpieces from the body? Manual shows an arrow suggesting to twist in a counter clockwise manner.

    It is super easy! check the diagram below:


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