The First Few weeks

Easy hearing steps in just 21 days

Don’t wear your hearing device to a concert right away. Wear it everyday, and you’ll adjust to the new sounds! With patience, you’ll soon embrace and enjoy life more.

Week. 01 - Listen to yourself

On the first day, start by reading something aloud. Listen to your own voice, which may sound strange at first. However, this initial impression will slowly disappear after some practice. Listen to the sound of your steps and your breath. Deliberately make soft noises, such as flipping a light switch, or jingling your keys. Keep going until you feel comfortable.

Journey To Better Hearing in 21 Days
Journey To Better Hearing in 21 Days

Week. 02 - Follow a conversation

Have a conversation with a friend or relative in calm, quiet surroundings. Don’t talk too long; take your time and pace speech. Repeat if necessary. Afterwards, watch a television show or listen to a radio program in quiet surroundings. Try to hear and notice the different sounds. This will continue to allowing your ears and brain to adjust to the new amplified sounds.

Week. 03 - Tolerate loud noise

Please note that this exercise is recommended only af-ter you have completed the first two successfully. Don’t take on too much at first. Repeat the first two exercises until you feel confident, comfortable, and secure. Have a conversation in a loud environment. You can turn on the TV in the background or go to a moderately busy street café. The first rule for such a challenging hearing situation is to be patient! Success will come, though it may take a few days or even a few weeks. Just keep practicing. You’re on the right track.

Journey To Better Hearing in 21 Days
Journey To Better Hearing in 21 Days

Week. 04 - Focus your hearing

In loud hearing situations, even people without hear-ing loss often need to adjust in order to hear desired sounds and to block out the noise. Practice focusing on sounds you want to hear and ignore unwanted or disruptive sounds. Try to identify unfamiliar sounds in a loud environment and make a conscious effort to ignore unimportant background noise. Soon you will be able to focus your attention from one sound to another. You will learn to love your hearing devices!

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